Is the Truth Elusive?

“What is truth?”, Pilate asked of Jesus long ago. The Bible answers the question in the Gospel of John, Chapter 17, verse 17;

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

The search for truth should be a high priority for us as we journey through this life.

We must approach the study of the Bible with a desire to discover truth. We must be willing to read the Bible and allow it to speak to us. We need to try to understand what is actually being said. The Biblical truths we find need to be incorporated into our own lives.

“Ah, you have me there”, a research scientist once said thoughtfully, “I’m not sure I can take the risk. It might mean leaving my job and becoming a missionary or something.” This man was not joking. Indeed, few people are that honest. Also, we can offer him no guarantees as to what demands his conscience might make of him.

It is important that you and I come to the study of the Bible not to prove what we already believe, but to discover what we must believe. Only then will we be truly, students of the Bible.


Royal Resolutions

I will study the language of kindness and refuse to use words that bite and tones that crush.

I will practice patience at home lest my nasty temper break through unexpectedly and disgrace me.

I will excuse others’ faults and failures as often and as fully as I would expect others be lenient with mine.

I will pray frequently, think good things and work hard.

I will remember that my neighbors have troubles enough to carry without loading mine on them.

I will cure criticism with commendations, close up against gossip and build healthy love by service.

I will be a friend under trying tests and wear everywhere a good-will face un-chilled by aloofness.

I will never gloat over gains, but strive only to enrich others and so gain a wealthy heart.

I will love boys and girls, so that old age will not find me soured and stiff, but fresh and free.

I will gladden my nature by smiling loud on every occasion and by being optimistic.

I will live by the Golden Rule and leave the “business” of getting even for those who have no desire to go to Heaven.




A Bit from Everyone

A wife was watching her husband trying to sew a button on his shirt. After observing for a few moments, she told him that he had the thimble on the wrong finger. To this he replied, “I know dear. It should be on yours.”

I recently read this humorous story. It makes a very good point. There are times that we might find ourselves being critical of the way someone else is doing some particular task. He or she may not be doing it in the same way that we would. So, we point the finger of criticism in his or her direction. Relief from this danger might be found in our own willingness to be found doing our fair share of life’s little tasks and in so doing, to lighten our brother or sister’s burden.

The work serving Jesus and living a good Christian life is never going to be easy. But it could be much more effectively carried on if the work was to be distributed evenly among the believers. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize. It is something else entirely to get into the game of serving the Lord. Why not let each one of us put a thimble on our finger and sew on the buttons together?

A Building from God

One of the many images the Bible gives for the church is that of a “building”. As a building we understand from scripture that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone. That means that Christ sets the standard for the rest of the building. Therefore whatever is built must be built in reference to Him.

In Ephesians 2:17-22, the Bible states that we are “growing into a holy temple in the Lord.” Our challenge is to never stop growing and developing in our Christianity. When we are doing our part, as a part of God’s holy building, we also are strengthening the other parts that make up this building.

Also found in the book of Ephesians is the great theme of unity. the apostle Paul addresses the unity of the “building”, the unity of the spirit, the unity of God and the unity of the faith. It is only through the standard set by the “cornerstone” that such unity is possible. Remember Jesus Christ brought the Jews and Gentiles together into His “building”. Much can be accomplished today when Jesus Christ, the “cornerstone”, becomes our standard. After all, it is God’s building, isn’t it?