A Walk with God

Enoch was a man of exceptional faith. God valued His relationship with Enoch so much that He simply took Enoch off of this earth. We read of this in Genesis 5:21-24. Enoch did not die a “normal” death on this earth. Well, for that matter, he did not lead a “normal” life either. From Scripture it is clear that Enoch lived an exceptional life and left this world in an unusual manner. All because he “walked with God.”

Even though the Old Testament does not give us many details of Enoch’s life, we know that his life was so exemplary that he is listed in the roll call of the men and women of faith found in Hebrews chapter 11.

Enoch evidently was a man who believed that God did exist and that He would surely reward those who earnestly sought Him. The Bible tells us that for at least 300 years Enoch walked with God. This is the kind of daily life that God values the most. The value that God loves is something so basic to our existence…faith in Him. May God grant us the ability to have faith like Enoch that we may also walk daily with Him.