Royal Resolutions

I will study the language of kindness and refuse to use words that bite and tones that crush.

I will practice patience at home lest my nasty temper break through unexpectedly and disgrace me.

I will excuse others’ faults and failures as often and as fully as I would expect others be lenient with mine.

I will pray frequently, think good things and work hard.

I will remember that my neighbors have troubles enough to carry without loading mine on them.

I will cure criticism with commendations, close up against gossip and build healthy love by service.

I will be a friend under trying tests and wear everywhere a good-will face un-chilled by aloofness.

I will never gloat over gains, but strive only to enrich others and so gain a wealthy heart.

I will love boys and girls, so that old age will not find me soured and stiff, but fresh and free.

I will gladden my nature by smiling loud on every occasion and by being optimistic.

I will live by the Golden Rule and leave the “business” of getting even for those who have no desire to go to Heaven.




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