New Series for 2017

During the calendar year of 2017, Mike Crowley, Sr., minister of the Matador church of Christ, will be providing a series of sermons on the Holy Spirit every Sunday morning. Please join us every opportunity that you have to hear the Word preached. In case you have missed them, here are the first three lessons in the series.

Sunday, January 1 – The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Sunday, January 8 – The Spirit Reveals

Sunday, January 15 – The Holy Spirit at Work

November 27, Sermons –

Ezekiel – Part 19

God informs the Israelite elders through Ezekiel that they will be made to “pass under the rod” of judgement and that only a remnant will ever return to the land.


Jesus Christ, the Word, the Voice of creation, the Life of man, the Breath of life, the Divine, the Baby, the man on the Cross.

How to be Saved

Mike goes through over 20 scriptures each of which numbers a different element in the scheme of salvation. None of which can be lifted out of context and held up as the only element necessary.

Sunday, November 20 – Sermons

Ezekiel – Part 18

Sin brings destruction upon any people and sin brings destruction on God’s people. The elders of Israel come to Ezekiel and dare to question God.

Freedom in Jesus

Sin is like a cancer in our bodies, bearing its destructive fruit. Sin has entered the “main stream”. It has become the popular culture and the family unit is being destroyed.

The Blessings of Persecution

Mike lists several blessings that come with the persecution that Christians may face when they truly take a stand for Christ.